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Research Data Management

Research Data Management has worldwide attention. Many funding bodies, such as the NWO and EU, require Data Management Plans from their projects. Journals are increasingly requesting that the data underlying publications are made available. Moreover, the re-use of data opens up new research questions often outside the originating discipline.

Good data management has more simple benefits too - it becomes easier to manage and share one's own data over time.

A key part of good data management is ensuring that research data is archived and remains usable. This involves considering and agreeing which research data is suitable and appropriate to share openly for longer term re-use. And it also means documenting the data so that others can understand the methodology behind it.

TU Delft Library hosts the 4TU.Centre for Research Data, the data archive for scientific data in the Netherlands. TU Delft researchers can freely archive up to 100GB of data a year. Staff from 4TU. ResearchData can also provide expert advice on data management before, during or at the end of any research project.

The goal of Research Data Services at TU Delft  is to put the right policies, procedures and tools in place, together with the faculties, to make sure that research data from the university is:

  • Stored safely and secured from loss;
  • Accessible to validate scientific argument;
  • And if possible, made openly available for re-use by others


The Research Data Management team undertakes various activities to reach its goal:

  • Continue the development and management of the 4TU.Centre for Research Data as a trusted archive for research data
  • Provide expert advice on research data, including the development of Data Management Plans for H2020 and NWO projects
  • Develop a policy for Research Data Management at TU Delft
  • To support the policy develop a network of research data expertise in the, consisting of Data Stewards housed at each faculty and coordinated by the Library   
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