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Hosted by the TU Delft Year of Open Team, in collaboration with:

  • Nationaal Platform Open Science, specifically the coalition responsible for engaging researchers
  • The Young Academy
  • Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (together with PostdocNL)
  • UKB (together with 101 Innovations)
  • DTL (together with ePLAN)
  • Vereniging van Lectoren

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Open Science: the National Plan and you

You are kindly invited to join the first national meeting for researchers on Open Science. The meeting will take place on the 29th of May 2017 and will be hosted at the Aula of TU Delft. 

Who should attend? 
The day will be a great opportunity for all researchers working in the Netherlands to give their opinion on the aims and goals of the Dutch ‘National Open Science Plan’. It’s a chance to let politicians, funders and administrators know what researchers really need to make Open Science work for them. We invite especially PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers to join us.

What to Expect?
This one-day event is free to attend, lunch and drinks included and is hosted at the Aula Congress Centre (TU Delft). Save the date and register now  Please share this invitation with your colleagues. 

The day will start with a series of short presentations by researchers from several disciplines, highlighting both the benefits and challenges in practicing Open Science. Representatives from Dutch scientific and government organizations who created the National Plan for Open Science will also present their perspective. State Secretary Sander Dekker of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is also scheduled to attend.

Participants (both researchers and organizations supporting research) will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences at the informal ‘knowledge commons’ that will be held during the lunch break. Bring your Open Science questions and best practices and be prepared to share them!  

In the afternoon, small breakout groups are planned to discuss various aspects of Open Science in general, and the aims and ambitions of the National Plan Open Science in particular. Representatives of the Dutch scientific and government organizations who created the National Plan for Open Science will be present to listen, engage in discussion and answer questions. The day will end with a plenary debate, summarizing the outcomes of the breakout sessions.  

Learn more about what Open Science can mean for you, what the plans of the government and scientific organizations are to support and promote Open Science, and give your feedback on the National Plan Open Science. All this in a lively atmosphere with plenty of time for informal discussion with fellow researchers.  

The Nationaal Platform Open Science, specifically the coalition which is responsible for engaging researchers: The Young Academy, Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (together with PostdocNL), UKB (together with 101 Innovations), DTL (together with ePLAN) and the Vereniging van Lectoren. 


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